Hydrogen Peroxide

Naturopathic Doctors of the Nardella Clinic in Calgary use Hydrogen Peroxide to help manage common colds and flus and persistent bacterial and fungal infections.

Hydrogen peroxide consists of two hydrogen and two oxygen atoms in its chemical molecular structure.

Our immune systems produce hydrogen peroxide as the initial line of defense against foreign organisms. Hydrogen peroxide is widely involved in fat, carbohydrate, protein, vitamin and mineral metabolism.

How does it work?

Two enzymes within our body can convert hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen – glutathione peroxidase and catalase. When there is limited oxygen in our bodies, our bodies cannot make adequate amounts of hydrogen peroxide to help fight pathogens. Interestingly, hydrogen peroxide is found in a mother’s first milk also known as colostrum.

Dr. I.N. Love first documented the use of hydrogen peroxide and its success in treating a number of diseases. Hydrogen Peroxide is a type of reactive oxidative species that can cause cell death to bacterial cells by disrupting protein function and the genetic stability of cells.

Foreign pathogens can cause an immune response leading to an increase in activation of white cells or granulocytes. These granulocytes take up the pathogen and the peroxisome in that complex produces hydrogen peroxide. This hydrogen peroxide helps to kill the offending pathogen.

Hydrogen peroxide has sporicidal and bactericidal effects and can benefit fungal and bacterial.

Naturopathic Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

How can hydrogen peroxide be valuable as a therapy? Research has shown that hydrogen peroxide can facilitate activation of oxidative enzymes, thereby increasing oxygen levels in the blood. It also allows cells to produce more energy and increases interferon gamma, which plays a key role in the inflammatory cascade. Hydrogen peroxide helps in the detoxification of chemicals and helps to eliminate toxins from the body. All of these modes of action allow hydrogen peroxide to attack and kill bacteria, fungi and viruses, hence, Nardella Clinic Naturopaths use it as a remedy for various types of infectious disease.

At the Nardella Clinic in Calgary, we widely use hydrogen peroxide to fight bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Naturopathic patients have benefitted from hydrogen peroxide intravenous treatments for longstanding flu-like symptoms, chronic sinusitis, colds, flus, bacterial vaginosis, vulvodynia and much more.

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