Allergies can be immediate and severe allergic reactions, or chronic low-grade immune reactions, such as a rash that comes and goes.

Allergy testing (IgA, IgE, IgG) is advantageous when and if you suspect an allergy or sensitivity, but cannot seem to pinpoint what the triggers are.

There are three types of immune reactions:

1. IgE: this is the antibody produced in a “true” allergy. IgE reactions result in the release of histamine and can cause symptoms such as itchy eyes or shortness of breath. These reactions happen quickly and can be as severe as anaphylaxis. IgE allergies can be to foods, chemicals and environmental inhalants. This testing may be performed as a ‘skin prick’ test or a blood test.

2. IgG: these antibodies are associated with what is commonly described as food sensitivities. These sensitivities may be difficult to determine based solely on symptoms, as reactions can occur up to three days after consuming a food.

3. IgA: this antibody is produced in areas rich in mucous membranes. This includes the GI tract and sinuses.

Depending on a patient’s symptoms, our naturopathic doctors at the Nardella Clinic in Calgary may recommend one of the above tests, or a combination to adequately evaluate your immune systems response to a variety of triggers.

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