Mold and Mycotoxin

Mycotoxins are metabolites of toxic mold species that are capable of causing disease and even death in animals.  Several diseases can be associated with mold exposure such as chronic fatigue syndrome, autism, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, blood disorders, lung diseases and cancers.

Exposure to a water damaged building may be minimal, but in the right condition of oxygen, moisture and temperature mold proliferates.  Initial symptoms vary.  Some people experience headaches, allergy symptoms, muscle weakness, fevers and chills, hair loss and mental cognition issues.

Testing for mycotoxins is simple and non-invasive.  A urine test can determine if a patient’s symptoms can be traced back to a mold exposure.  Our naturopathic doctors at the Nardella Clinic of Calgary are experts at testing and treating for mold and mycotoxin.

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