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If you had the chance find out today what your health will be like months or years from now, would you take the time?

Our blood carries a lot of information, harbours a lot of secrets, and provides a lot of answers. What is causing your fatigue right now? Are certain genes predisposing you to a disease? Might you suffer muscular problems in the future due to a chronic lack of magnesium?

Annual blood work is important because it provides the information required to keep your body in optimum condition. It is a snapshot in time, checking the status of liver, kidneys, blood cells, hormones, and various disease and inflammation markers, to name a few. How much easier is it to improve your cholesterol now instead of waiting for symptoms to appear and trying to track the reason after the fact?

If you are already suffering from a disease, regular blood work will reveal the successes of treatment and the new paths to explore, shortening the distance between where you are now and where you imagine yourself to be.

Long term annual blood tests provide a point of reference in time and a panoramic image of your health through the years. This can be critical for spotting problems before they arise. Perhaps your most recent blood test reveals something that is not abnormal in general, but may be unusual given your own past history. The only way to know is to have those first few snap shots available.

Our naturopathic doctors and nurses provide a relaxed, caring, and professional atmosphere at all times, and spend a special amount of time and energy for the benefit of patients. The Nardella Clinic of Calgary uses a variety of laboratories to ensure the best, broadest service and the most cutting edge techniques, and getting the results back may take as little as a week depending on what type it is and what lab is doing the testing.

We’ll call you when the results are ready so we can set a time for you to review them with a naturopathic doctor. You’ll learn about the results and what they mean to your health in practical terms, as well as laying out a tailored plan to achieve optimum health.

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