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Phil Kearney is a 68 year old man who came to the clinic diagnosed with a severe case of psoriasis. It presented itself mostly on the tops of his hands with a few spots on his lower leg and forearms. He stated that he loves to golf, but he has not been able to finish a 9-hole game in 13 years. Phil told us that his hands would usually split open and bleed when he tried to hold the club to swing. This problem started after handling pressure treated wood that was coated in creosote 13 years prior.

On examination by one of our naturopathic doctors, Phil’s hands were extremely dry, red and itchy with multiple deep, bleeding cracks and plates of thickened, coarse skin around the splits. The skin away from these areas was extremely thin. Phil stated that he had seen many doctors, including several dermatologists and that he had tried multiple treatments over the years. Most of these included cortical steroids. He said that he had suffered through several infections in the affected area. Nothing worked. He stated that other than this problem, he has never been sick. Phil eats well, gets regular exercise and has never had trouble sleeping.

Phil was recommended to start taking EPA/DHA and zinc and to start Dermasound treatments (low frequency ultrasonic skin care treatments) and topical home care treatments for the problem areas. He would follow up with a naturopathic doctor in three weeks.

His initial treatments were once per week with a home care program that included topical application of hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. On Phil’s second treatment, the open wounds were closed and the skin was showing signs of improvement. Home care was adjusted and an AHA wash was added as well as a skin clarifier and an 18% AHA blend of Lactic and Glycolic acid. Phil was asked to use cotton liners in his gloves and to sleep with them on. In week three, Phil’s hands were greatly improved. After his appointment with a Clinic doctor, home care and supplementation remained the same. In clinic treatment consisted of Lactic Acid peels along with his Dermasound treatment to help improve cellular turnover, and to help increase hydration in the tissue. His Dermasound appointments were moved to 2 weeks apart and things continued to improve. On his next appointment, Phil had a 90% improvement and his appointments were moved to 4 weeks apart and then to 6 weeks. Phil now continues his topical homecare, supplements and comes for Dermasounds as maintenance on an ‘as needed’ basis.

Phil stated during his 6 month follow up Dermasound/Peel treatment that he goes on golfing vacations now and golfed every day last summer without issue. He is very happy to be able to join his wife on the green!

Before and after treatment photos are displayed below.

Psoriasis Before and After

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