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Case StudiesNaturopathic Medicine

Lifestyle Changes

By July 22, 2016July 27th, 2017No Comments

A female patient in her late forties presented to the clinic interested in naturopathic health prevention methods for her household. She has a family history of cancer, obesity, and elevated blood pressure. The current connections with high fat-to-lean ratio and major health problems convinced this patient to incorporate a healthy lifestyle. Implications for this patient included a hard-pressed career and a busy household causing infrequent meals that produce cravings and subsequent gorging at evening meals.

A full examination including, body-composition analysis, bloods tests, blood pressure, and measurements were completed on the initial appointment to determine a precise course of action for the patient. A specific program was set in place, along with weekly visits, recipes, precise supplements, exercise plan, and direction with moving forward from plateau issues.

In just twelve weeks this patient accomplished a desirable body fat percentage by losing 15 pounds of fat and increased her lean body weight. Accomplishing a healthy body composition, decreasing her blood pressure, and increasing energy, this patient was able to incorporate the knowledge necessary to educate her family on a healthy lifestyle.

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