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Acne can be a traumatic and disfiguring condition, impacting self esteem and confidence, causing countless hours trying to manage and camouflage this condition. Unfortunately, it is not just limited to the awkward teen years. With genetics, hormones, environment, diet, sun exposure and stress, acne can be an issue throughout life. At the Nardella clinic, through diet and supplementation, our naturopathic doctors address the internal causes of acne, while our Dermasound Facials work to control the outward expression of acne in conjunction with the Glymed Plus line of homecare acne products. Ultimate success with acne results from the balance of internal and external factors influencing acne.

Anne Cooper, in her mid-twenties, presented to the clinic initially with uncontrolled acne, asthma, low energy and digestive issues. Her previous history included multiple inhaler use to control the asthma, use of prescription medication to control her acne as well as many over the counter lines of acne treatment creams and washes, including a high profile multinational brand. Anne was dissatisfied with the results of these treatments and had no desire to use prescription medication to control the condition due to the side effects experienced previously.

Anne started her treatment by initially consulting with a naturopathic doctor regarding her low energy and digestive issues. She was started on a supplement and dietary regimen which increased her intake of omega fatty acids and decreased her intake of inflammatory foods. She was also recommended to use an electrostatic air filter and reverse osmosis water filter to reduce her intake of toxins in her home environment, of which she has more control. Six months later her energy had increased but her digestion was still poor and her acne remained. A colonic hydrotherapy series was started to further address her digestion and monthly dermasound facials with Glymed Plus homecare was started to address the outward expression of her acne.

A month later her digestion had improved and her acne was clearing. The colonics were instrumental in her acne clearing as the colon is a major detoxification organ, and when clean, toxins do not need to purge through the skin. Chemical peeling was initiated to address acne scarring and hyperpigmentation once the inflammation had decreased. The chemical peels were superficial in the beginning, with minimal redness and flaking, and then gradually moved to a mid-depth peel to accelerate the skin renewal process. The redness, tightness and flaking for the week following the peel was easily tolerated and managed by the client with appropriate homecare guidelines.

Less than a year from seeking naturopathic care, Anne’s acne is controlled to the point of minimal lesions which do not develop into cysts, and her skin is clear and bright. Due to the genetic nature of acne, Anne will have to maintain a diet high in omega3 fatty acids and low in inflammatory foods. She will continue her use of Glymed Plus homecare products and come occasionally for dermasounds to keep her acne controlled. As a natuoropathic clinic we can continue to grow with her as she goes through life changes and consequent hormonal changes which influence the expression of acne, and make modifications as necessary to keep her acne well controlled.

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