Detoxification Therapy

Each year we are exposed to more and more chemicals in our environment. These chemicals are in the air and others are in common household products such as cleaning supplies and cosmetics. These chemicals can affect our hormones, neurological system, and may increase our risk of chronic disease. As our body deals with the increased burden of getting rid of these toxins, we need to support the organs that detoxify. Our primary detoxification organs are the gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys and skin.

Supporting the Organs

  • Colonic hydrotherapy: a series of 4 weekly colonics is typically recommended for optimal detoxification.
  • Cleanses: short periods of dietary cleansing help to mobilize toxins that are stored in fat. Cleanses often last from 3 to 10 days and focus on increasing vegetables and healthy proteins and eliminating processed foods and sugar.
  • Liver support: many herbals and botanicals increase the liver’s ability to remove both current and past exposures to toxins.
  • Intravenous therapies: various substances administered intravenously have been shown to increase detoxification pathways. This includes the use of:
    • Glutathione
    • Phosphatidylcholine
    • Chelation therapy (DMPS and EDTA)

How It Works

These substances help to remove solvents, mold, heavy metals, pesticides and other chemicals while protecting liver and kidney health. By administering these substances via IV, higher absorption is achieved.

Detoxification therapies help to increase energy, improve mental clarity, purify the complexion and help keep you healthy for years to come. Our naturopathic doctors at the Nardella Clinic in Calgary have over two decades of experience in optimizing the body’s detoxification pathways.

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