Our body is a biochemical factory made up of millions of moving parts. Within these biochemical pathways are doors that require opening, and nutrients are the keys to these doors. The body requires specific vitamins, minerals, fats, and amino acids for many of the day-to-day processes we don’t see, and take for granted.

Naturopathic Nutrient Use

Nutrients help with making hormones, supporting neurotransmitters, building our immune system, and detoxifying our bodies. Although many of these nutrients are found in food, often times the body may require therapeutic levels of specific nutrients to either prevent or treat disease.

Our Naturopathic Doctors of the Nardella clinic in Calgary work with you to identify which nutrients may be required in therapeutic amounts to keep your body working optimally. They can help to suggest which nutrients may be beneficial, and also what specific forms of those nutrients are required.

Nutrient Quality

It is also important to keep quality in mind what choosing which nutrients to take. Professional supplements have been well researched and documented by supporting trials and evidence of safety and effectiveness.

Professional brands typically contain pure contents with anti-allergenic properties, such as gluten-free, vegetarian capsules. They may also contain other synthetic materials that can include heavy metal content.

Third party testing is also frequently conducted on professional supplement brands. This testing consists of reviewing how the supplement is manufactured, the facility it is made in, and would ensure it meets accepted standards related to safety, effectiveness and quality. Knowing that third party testing has been conducted on the professional brand supplements enables you the consumer to make an educated choice. You’re purchasing a high quality product that is proven to be reliable.

Additionally, one of the most important reasons professional brands are available only through a health care professional is that these supplements contain both higher therapeutic levels of ingredients AND active forms of ingredients. Because of this, it is best to be under the care of a naturopathic doctor or another professional when choosing products, to ensure that they are safe and appropriate.

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