Acupuncture is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The foundation of acupuncture lies in restoring balance to the body and mind. A variety of conditions are treated with this form of medicine: infertility, anxiety, immune support, digestive concerns, irregular menses and pain management.

There are a number of acupuncture meridians or channels running on the surface of our bodies, which correspond to various organs in TCM. Depending on individual needs, various points along these channels are used in order to resolve symptoms by treating the root cause.

Naturopathic Acupuncture Treatment

When it comes to pain, acupuncture has marvelous abilities to restore functioning of muscles and joints. Localized acupuncture needles are placed in and around the affected area in efforts to release muscles and alleviate pain. There are also some points along the meridians used for particular types of pain (back pain, knee pain, etc) which are incredibly effective when combined with other points.

In addition to regular acupuncture treatments, our Calgary naturopathic doctors can also perform Trigger Point Release, particularly to release muscles in a more active manner. This is done by threading an acupuncture needle through hypertonic muscle tissue. Patients usually experience immediate and noticeable muscle release.

Typically the initial acupuncture session is 1 hour in duration in which a Naturopathic Doctor will sit with you and discuss your medical history and concerns, followed by an acupuncture treatment in the first visit. Depending on your concerns a number of follow-up treatments will be recommended.

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