Nardella Clinic Naturopathic Doctors in Calgary offer important services in the prevention and management of diabetes.

Diabetes is a chronic condition affected both by genetics and lifestyle.  Taking care of your health while living with diabetes not only involves managing blood sugar, it also means taking care of all the organs that my be damaged by elevated blood sugar.

Approximately 7% of Canadians are living with diabetes and it is estimated 20% of cases remain undiagnosed. Diabetes is more common in men than women. Risk factors for diabetes include:

  • Family history of diabetes
  • Overweight
  • Lack of activity
  • Poor diet
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

There are 3 types of diabetes

1 – Type 1 Diabetes: 5-10% of diabetes is Type 1 which is an autoimmune condition that attacks the pancreas, causing it to produce little to no insulin. This is always treated with insulin.

2 – Type 2 Diabetes: the majority of diabetes is Type II. This happens when the cells become resistant to insulin and eventually the pancreas may no longer produce sufficient insulin. This may or may not require treatment with insulin.

3 – Gestational Diabetes: this type of diabetes only happens during pregnancy and is temporary.

Patients with diabetes are at risk for non-healing wounds, kidney disease, vision loss, nerve damage and cardiovascular disease.

Our naturopathic doctors in Calgary have experience in both preventing and treating diabetes. Regular blood testing can help to identify the signs of pre-diabetes, so changes can be made before there are any permanent issues. A combination of diet, exercise, herbal and pharmacological treatments can help to prevent diabetes.

In patients who already have diabetes it is important to maintain a healthy blood sugar through diet and exercise, and in some cases medication. The naturopathic doctors at the Nardella Clinic in Calgary also have experience managing the complications of diabetes such as protecting the eyes and kidneys, healing wounds with hyperbaric medicine and preventing and treating diabetic neuropathy.

Nardella Clinic Naturopathic Therapies Used for the Treatment of Diabetes

  • Intravenous Alpha-lipoic acid
  • Topical Ozone
  • Hyperbaric Medicine
  • Herbal and Nutritional

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