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Lessons About Autism & Nutrition

By October 4, 2022No Comments

I received my fellowship (FMAPS) from the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs (MAPS) in 2015. The ongoing educational opportunities, Advanced Clinical Matrix, provided by MAPS have been an invaluable experience in the continued advancement for the testing and treatment options for pediatric patients with special needs. With the pandemic the conferences were held online. September 2022 was the first in-person conference in 3 years. This was an exciting opportunity to attend in person and to meet up with like-minded colleagues.

One talk that really stood out to me was given by James Adams, Ph.D. entitled Vitamin/Mineral/Micronutrient Supplements for Autism and For Healthy Pregnancy. His study identified several nutrients that were commonly identified to be low in children and adults diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. The patients were then put a regime of supplements and dietary interventions for several months. The study was randomized and had blinded experts evaluating the participants pre and post treatment. The parents also participated in a pre and post evaluation of symptoms.

The results of the study were truly astonishing. All the patients receiving nutrient supplementation and dietary interventions scored better in all categories post treatment. Cognition, social skills, behaviour, sleep, speech, eye contact, attention, and gastrointestinal symptoms all improved within the study parameters. The parental evaluation also showed great improvements in many areas with many parents choosing to continue the recommendations.

Autism spectrum disorders is often a lifelong medical issue that requires continued support from the caregivers. But it is often shown with evidence-based therapies patients can enjoy a better quality of life. The Nardella Clinic has a long history of treating special needs children. We offer nutrient testing, food allergy and sensitivity testing, heavy metal testing among many other tests suited for the specific patient. Treatment options may include nutritional, supplement, hyperbaric oxygen, and lifestyle advice.

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