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Naturopathic Skin Care

Introducing Dermaplaning + Dermasound

By August 31, 2021No Comments

The Nardella Clinic in Calgary, Alberta is proud to introduce a new pairing of naturopathic skin care treatments designed to refresh and rejuvenate your skin

Dermaplaning + Dermasound is an excellent no downtime skin rejuvenation treatment.  At The Nardella Clinic we focus on delivering best-in-class accessible skin therapies.  Patients may book single treatments or buy in a package of three treatments.

  • Single treatment price: $145.00
  • Three treatment package price: $360.00 ($120.00 per treatment)

Dermaplaning + Dermasound

Dermaplaning is a highly effective skin resurfacing treatment that results in more youthful, smooth and radiant skin.  Dermaplaning, also known as Dermablading, involves a skilled medical aesthetician using an exfoliating blade to remove the top layer of the skin’s surface gently eliminating dead and damaged skin cells and scar tissue revealing new skin cells.  Dermaplaning is used to specifically address the following issues:

  • Dull skin;
  • Fine wrinkles;
  • Acne scars;
  • Improved tone and texture; and
  • Fine facial hair (vellus hair, i.e. peach fuzz)

After the dermaplaning is complete, patients receive a Dermsound ultrasonic skin treatment maximizing results.  This process takes advantage of the skin’s exfoliated state and completes the resurfacing process while penetrating topical cosmeceuticals specific to the patients concerns.  After treatment, one’s skin may appear flush.  There is no downtime and make up may be applied immediately after treatment.

Dermaplaning should not be performed on patients with the following conditions or issues:

  • Currently using Accutane (must cease Accutane six months before treatment);
  • Eczema;
  • Dermatitis;
  • Skin cancer;
  • Undergoing cancer therapy;
  • Open lesions (skin infections);
  • Active cystic acne;
  • Lupus;
  • Active herpes infection (cold sores);
  • Uncontrolled diabetes;
  • Sun burn / sun tan;
  • Nickel allergy;
  • Currently using blood thinners;
  • Prescription retinol use must stop one week prior to treatment;
  • Botox or other facial injections
  • Pregnancy; and
  • Anyone with a pacemaker device, or a metal prosthetic implant should be excluded from the treatment.

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