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Naturopathic and Integrative Cancer Care

Cancer Diagnostics

By December 20, 2019June 24th, 2021No Comments

Many cancer patients are looking for alternative therapies.  Often as Naturopathic Doctors we have patients inquiring about ways to decrease the side effects of traditional therapies.  At the same time they want to increase the effectiveness of those therapies.  Many patients have heard of the so-called “Greece Test”.  There is a diagnostic laboratory in Florina, Greece named RGCC that offers what are termed “liquid biopsies”.  These tests have the ability to identify targetable genetic mutations that lead to the progression of cancer.  By identifying genetic mutations in the cancer cells we can individualize natural treatments for each patient.  It helps guide our decisions as Naturopathic Doctors in achieving a win-win for the patient.  They can maximize therapy results and minimize side effects.

Monitoring an active cancer and a cancer in remission is also possible using the RGCC liquid biopsies.  RGCC testing can detect fine amounts of circulating tumor cells.  These cells can pass through the body via the lymphatic system and the circulatory system.  If enough cells come together tumors may form.  Early detection of increasing numbers of cancer cells is key to long term “progression free survival”.  We use the phrase “progression free survival” as preventing cancer cells from organizing into a malignancy is the goal.

This past October Dr. Jennifer Nardella was one of a handful of North American Integrative Cancer Care Doctors invited to participate in RGCCs North American Conference held in Dallas, Texas.  Her interactions with professionals across North America reaffirmed her belief in the long term management of cancer through proactive monitoring and treatment positively impacting survivorship and quality of life.

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