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Naturopathic Medicine

Microplastics and Hidden Toxins

Plastic pollution has been in the news a lot recently. Not only are there concerns about the effects of plastics on the environment, but also more research is now coming out on the effects of plastic on the body. A recent Australian study has shown that people are consuming an average of 5 grams of plastic a week, approximately the weight of a credit card. These plastics are referred to as micro plastics. These microplastics are found in food such as sugar, seafood and both tap and bottled water. They have also been found in the air we breathe. Another study done out of the University of Victoria determined an average person consumes between 70-120000 units of microplastics each year.

This plastic can be stored in your body. The full effects of this amount of exposure on the body is unknown. These plastics do have the potential to cause an immune response which may lead to increased risk of autoimmune disease or cancers.

Microplastics are one example of toxins that we are unknowingly exposed to each day. Other examples include benzenes, pesticides and parabens.

Making an effort to limit your exposure to toxins is important. Using natural products when possible including skin care, makeup and household cleaning products helps. It is also recommended to limit the use of plastic and instead choose something reusable like a glass container or water bottle.

There are naturopathic treatments that can help to support the body’s own ability to detoxify. Detoxification therapies include colonic hydrotherapy, therapeutic diets and iv therapies such as glutathione.

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