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Introducing Dr. Wagdy Eltayar

The Nardella Clinic welcomes Dr. Wagdy Eltayar as our new medical consultant. Dr. Eltayar is a medical doctor from Egypt with extensive and leading edge experience in complementary medicine. He is an expert in the application of ozone therapy and is a published author on the subject. Dr. Eltayar headed major clinics in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. His goal is to obtain his medical license in Canada. While working toward this he is providing expert consulting services to Drs. Nardella and Haggarty, and participating in clinic activities that are considered “not restricted” by Alberta Health and Wellness. He is wonderfully nice and we welcome him and his family as they build their lives here and bring a world of expertise and experience to share with us.  He has already added tremendous value with our new form of delivering IV ozone.

One of the less well-known applications Dr. Eltayar has extensive experience with is “ozone bagging”. This is the topical application of ozone to help with wound healing and skin conditions. Conditions that respond effectively to ozone bagging include eczema and psoriasis. If you are suffering from either of these conditions contact us for information regarding ozone bagging.

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