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Naturopathic Tips for Eating Healthy Over the Holidays

By December 18, 2017No Comments

Holidays can be a challenging time to stay healthy and eat well. Our naturopathic doctors have put together some quick tips for ways to stay healthy over the holidays.

Bake desserts that use healthy fats

‘Tis the season for making and partaking in baked goodies and deserts. A few excellent baking substitutes recommended by our naturopaths include:

  • Coconut oil
  • Almond butter
  • Unsweetened applesauce
  • Avocado puree
  • Ground flax seed

Healthy fats are excellent for the brain, boost the immune system, lower cholesterol, and can even help you shed those excess pounds. Don’t forget that dark chocolate is packed full of antioxidants and can be a great addition to your holiday baking!

Drink Lots of Water

It’s easy to forget to hydrate when we get busy, and mistake thirst for hunger. Make a habit of keeping a bottle of water with you when you are out and about. Adding lemon to your water is a great naturopathic tip to boost the immune system and help protect from viruses that tend to go around during the season.

Be mindful that caffeine and alcohol dehydrate the body, and pair any holiday drinks you may have with plenty of water!

Enjoy Holiday Seasonal Vegetables

Don’t forget to enjoy delicious seasonal vegetables, and eat plenty of green leafy vegetables with holiday dinners.

When dishing up, try filling your plate with vegetables first, and save the calorie-laden foods for last. It’s all too easy to add a few token vegetables or salad on the edge of a heaping plate of less healthy options. Also, try eating your vegetables first and saving your higher calorie, less healthy selections for when you are already somewhat full.

Get out and be active to burn off the extra calories

Fun activities like skating, sledding, hockey, or even bundling up for a walk with family or friends to see some Christmas lights, are great ways to get some exercise in over the holidays.

Eat a healthy meal at home before going to a party

Be proactive and pre-eat! You will be less likely to binge on cocktail party foods if you enjoy a healthy meal before going to the event. Having light healthy snacks every 2-3 hours will also help to keep your blood sugar stable, stave off cravings, and prevent overeating.

Enjoy in moderation

It is okay to have a bite or two of your grandmother’s oh-so-delicious chocolate brownies; just be mindful not to over-indulge. Enjoy smaller portions, make healthy substitutions, and eat plenty of healthy foods as well. Above all, allow yourself to enjoy the holidays!

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