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The Use of Lipoic Acid Mineral Complex in Naturopathic Medicine

By November 20, 2017No Comments

PolyMVA or lipoic acid mineral complex (LAMC) is a combination of lipoic acid, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. PolyMVA is designed to facilitate optimal mitochondrial function, protect DNA and aid in energy production. Using LAMC in naturopathic clinical practice typically involves an intravenous administration for many types of cancer and chronic degenerative diseases.

Benefits of PolyMVA

As a naturopathic integrative cancer therapy PolyMVA has a number of benefits:

  • demonstrated a protective effect against radiation-induced side effects;
  • it has a radio-sensitizing effect, enhancing radiation therapy;
  • cancer metabolism thrives on sugar and low oxygen environments. LAMC appears to uniquely attack the cellular metabolism of the cancer cell and destroys it while allowing healthy cells to continue to grow;
  • LAMC acts synergistically with chemotherapy regimes; and
  • it is useful in promoting an increased quality of life in cancer patients.

PolyMVA is widely used in integrated cancer practices. Dr. James Forsythe of the Forsythe Cancer Centre, has conducted an observational analysis of 212 stage IV cancer patients with multiple cancer origins. His overall response rate was 56% for stable disease. He also noted the best patients were doing better mentally and increased physical energy and therefore appears to be palliative for stage 4 cancer patients with or without chemotherapy. The top three cancers that responded to LAMC were prostate, breast and non-small cell lung cancers.

PolyMVA has demonstrated benefits in use with chronic disease patients. Our naturopathic doctors use PolyMVA for patients suffering with conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, Lyme disease, neurodegenerative disorders and cardiovascular disease. One study on rodents showed that PolyMVA is effective in slowing down myocardial aging. Another rodent study suggests that PolyMVA in addition to standard medication (cholinesterase inhibitors) in patients with mild to moderate dementia may be used as a beneficial adjuvant treatment.

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