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Microneedling therapy

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Microneedling therapy, also referred to as collagen induction therapy (CIT), is a relatively new procedure involving superficial and controlled puncturing of the skin. The process is done by a mechanical device with miniature fine needles that is simple, safe, effective, and minimally invasive.

The process involves needles causing a micro injury to the skin, thereby inducing the body to respond through the formation of new tissue layers, elastin and collagen fibres, and to produce new capillaries for an improved blood supply in the treated area. The skin plumps and thickens in response to this stimulus, ultimately reducing the appearance of scars, fine lines, and other skin texture changes. In addition to CIT, the channels made from the micro-needles allow topical creams to be absorbed more effectively through the skin. Microneedling was initially introduced for skin rejuvenation, however it is now being used for a wide variety of indications including acne scarring, acne, post-traumatic or burn scars, alopecia, skin rejuvenation, drug delivery, stretch marks, and much more.

The treatment begins by cleansing the face and applying Emla numbing cream for 15-20 minutes, this step renders the procedure virtually painless. The skin is then lathered in hyaluronic acid and other age defying serums and then needled in. Afterwards you can expect the skin to be a little pink, and you may notice a few tiny punctuate scabs that fade in a couple days. The downtime is minimal. Generally the inflammatory reaction of the skin is overall short and usually fades significantly after a couple days. Treatment protocol and frequency will depend on the severity of the issue at hand. If your skin is generally in good condition with regular care, microneedling is recommended every 3 to 6 months. Someone with dramatic acne scarring should expect to do one session per month, for 4 to 6 months. Maintenance is typically once a year for touch-ups or whenever the skin requires a boost.

Post procedure we recommend that you avoid putting on makeup for the rest of the day and advise that people avoid using retinol or any strongly active products for a few days.

If you feel that you need thicker skin, you’re probably a good candidate! It works particularly well for acne scarring, and since it doesn’t use heat and is completely mechanical, the procedure is safe for all skin types and colors. The treatment is wonderful for smoothing skin, filling in acne scars, and if you have those small bumps from clogged pores, it can help as well. We recommend that skin be clear of any inflamed or infected areas, and if you have a cystic breakout please wait until it clears up before microneedling. This technique can be combined with other medical aesthetic techniques to provide better results.

Of course, the idea of getting needles inserted into your face for the sake of skincare can seem intimidating but if you’ve seen the before and after shots, there’s no questioning the treatment’s effectiveness. This procedure extrapolates the body’s own physiology of wound healing and the new collagen deposition results in skin tightening and filling up of atrophic scars with an overall better aesthetic appeal. Follow-up examinations of the skin treated with just four microneedling sessions, at one month apart, shows up to 400% increase in collagen and elastin deposition at the 6 months post procedure mark. Call the Nardella Clinic today for your free consultation.

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