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Case StudiesLyme Disease and Co-Infections

Strengthen the Patient-Kill the Bacteria

By March 10, 2017July 13th, 2017No Comments

A man in his fifty’s became ill after returning from a vacation. It started with flu-like symptoms and he reported never feeling well since that time. He was experiencing extreme joint pain, lack of energy, stress, night sweats and fevers. He was taking ibuprofen daily to manage pain.

The patient saw one of the Naturopathic Doctors at the Nardella clinic and it was determined he had elevated inflammatory markers in his blood. Additonal testing ordered by the Naturopath showed he was positive for both Lyme disease and the co-infection Babesia. He began naturopathic Lyme disease specific immune support along with a number of vitamins and herbs to keep his body healthy throughout treatment. Weekly naturopathic IV vitamins were administered to support his immune system and allow the body to deal with a systemic infection. IV hydrogen peroxide was added to help kill the infections, support the immune system, and treat other viruses that are common in patients with Lyme disease.

The naturopathic patient also started an antibiotic regimen for Lyme disease designed to kill the different forms of the bacteria. The bacteria that causes Lyme disease exists in three different forms in the body: intracellular, cell wall and cystic. Different antibiotics are used to treat each of the different forms. Later on the patient started additional medications to treat the Babesia co-infection. Babesia is a parasitic infection similar to Malaria.

The patient noticed continual improvement from the start of naturopathic treatment until complete resolution of symptoms. He reported no joint pain, increased energy, and no more night sweats or fevers. At this point he finished the antibiotics and remained on continual naturopathic immune support. The patient continues naturopathic treatments for his immune system support and is monitored regularly for changes in his condition.

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