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Anti-Aging Update—Cardiovascular Health Assessments

By December 19, 2016July 13th, 2017No Comments

This month our Naturopathic Doctors, Jennifer Nardella and Meghan Haggarty attended the World Anti-Aging Medicine Congress and Exposition in Las Vegas.  A major take-away from the conference was new technology aimed at cardiovascular health and risk assessment.

The Nardella Clinic is now offering new, effective, cardiovascular testing to assess the health status of one’s cardiovascular system. The Maxpulse gives an accurate measurement of the elasticity of the blood vessels and heart rate variability. This non-invasive, informative testing helps to evaluate the risk of a negative cardiovascular event AND track the effectiveness of naturopathic therapies supporting improved heart health. This can also help to determine how various lifestyle factors are affecting a patient’s cardiovascular health, such as the immune system, sleep quality, and exercise.

The Maxpulse cardiovascular assessment measures waveform patterns that evaluate the elasticity of blood vessels, and how easily blood can flow through the vessels. Additionally, the assessment determines heart rate variability, a measurement of how the cardiovascular system is affected by stress. The variation in the interval of time between heartbeats determines the balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. These are commonly referred to as the states of “fight of flight” and “rest and digest”. A healthy cardiovascular system requires balance between these two components of the nervous system.

Contact the clinic to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced naturopathic doctors, and learn more about the Maxpulse cardiovascular assessment, along with targeted naturopathic therapies that can help you to have a healthy heart!

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