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Naturopathic Medicine

Supporting the Immune System with IV Therapy

By July 22, 2016July 27th, 2017No Comments

IV Therapies are a unique method of delivering vitamins and minerals to ensure maximum absorption. This allows for higher dosages to be tolerated compared to oral supplementation. High doses of antioxidants are safely provided to the patient in the form of an intravenous treatment. It is often important to bypass the patient’s digestive system due to dysfunction and poor nutrient absorption. These vitamins strengthen the immune system and help to resolve infections.

In addition, IV hydrogen peroxide is used in acute infections. Our immune system uses hydrogen peroxide to fight infections; immune cells secrete hydrogen peroxide to kill foreign cells. Hydrogen peroxide delivered in safe amounts has an antimicrobial effect. This allows for faster recovery time and quick relief of symptoms.

Case Study

A 30-year-old female came to the clinic due to a weak immune system. She reported being constantly sick with colds and flu’s. Her life at the time was stressful and she was in graduate school. The patient also suffered from low energy and mild anxiety.

She started a series of naturopathic IV therapies including both IV Vitamins and IV Hydrogen peroxide. The patient started with weekly IV’s for the first 2 months. She noticed an immediate reduction in the severity of her current illness and a decreased frequency of catching infections. She then continued to come for treatment as needed. The patient came to the clinic for an IV if she was feeling run down or if she was starting to “come down with something”. At this time she required IV’s every 4-6 weeks to stay at her best.

A year later the patient reports a significant increase in energy, decreased anxiety and the ability to handle stress better. She no longer suffers from frequent infections. Her time in graduate school is more productive with decreased lost time due to illness. The patient now attends the clinic for IVs 3 or 4 times per year. This illustrates how the IV’s have helped with acute infections, and helped strengthen her immune system overall.

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