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Case StudiesChildren's Restorative Medicine

4 Year Old Boy with Asthma

By July 22, 2016July 27th, 2017No Comments

A 4 year old boy came to the clinic with difficulty breathing after having a cold a few weeks before. The child was recovering from the illness but was still wheezing and having trouble sleeping at night. The family doctor diagnosed the child as having viral induced asthma and prescribed a steroid inhaler. The parents brought the child in interested in naturopathic alternatives to the inhaler. A history was taken and it showed a history of eczema since birth and a family history of allergies. The child was tested for food and environmental allergies to identify stressors on the immune system. He was prescribed a regime of naturopathic supplements. These helped to decrease inflammation, support the immune system, relax the lungs, and decrease mucous production. The parents noticed an improvement in his ability to breath within a couple of days and the child was able to sleep better at night. A care plan was developed and the parents continue to notice an improvement in the child’s energy, sleep quality and immune system.

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