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Case StudiesChildren's Restorative Medicine

3 Year Old Girl with Eczema

By July 22, 2016July 27th, 2017No Comments

A mother and father brought in their 3 year old daughter to the clinic concerned about severe eczema. The child had a rash on her face, trunk, arms and legs that appeared very sore. The parents were unable to identify any potential causes of the skin condition. Food allergy testing was used to identify foods that were causing both an immediate and delayed reaction affecting the girl’s immune system. The foods were causing inflammation in her digestive system which was affecting how nutrients were absorbed and toxins removed from the body. Since the body wasn’t getting the good things in and the bad things out it was showing these internal signs on the outside-through her skin. These foods were removed from her diet to decrease the load on her immune system and improve the function of the digestive tract. A child’s multivitamin and mineral blend was given to ensure she was getting adequate amounts of the nutrients required for healthy skin and immune function. Since the digestive tract was inflamed the nutrients were given in an easy to absorb, hypoallergenic powder. Supplements including fish oils, anti-inflammatory herbs and probiotics were also used to heal the digestive tract and make it less sensitive to foods. The naturopathic program resulted in resolution of the eczema and the parents also noticed that their daughter was sleeping better and her mood and energy had also improved.

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