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At The Nardella Clinic, patients present to us with various skin conditions that do not seem to benefit from any type of treatment. One of the more prominent conditions is eczema. This disease can manifest itself in various forms from a rash-like appearance, dryness, cracking, swelling and lesions to name a few. Eczema is often found on the body at the joints, where sweat and warmth create the perfect agitation for this disease of the skin. Many people find the condition embarrassing and frustrating since it is very difficult to control. Dermatologists often treat eczema with corticosteroids which are effective in controlling the swelling and irritation that leads to a breakout of eczema. There are several side effects to using topical corticosteroids such as thinning of the skin. This can lead to easy bruising and an increased chance of infection in the skin. Skin treated with these steroids can tear so easily that minor cuts or scratches are no longer minor. There are alternative naturopathic treatments to treat this disease and corticosteroids need not be the go-to solution. Mary came to The Nardella Clinic with this concern and was willing to do anything to alleviate her situation. The following is an abbreviated version of her dealings with the clinic.

Mary presents to the clinic with eczema on the head, face and arms. She had tried to address the eczema by consulting with a dermatologist, changing her diet and even trying a detoxification. In addition to the eczema, Mary also experiences hives and claims that they usually go hand-in-hand. After a barrage of immune suppressants, antihistamines and diet changes, Mary decides to seek help from a naturopathic doctor. In order to isolate the potential triggers for the eczema, Mary completes a nutritional and digestive analysis. Based on these results and complementing her food rotation with colonic hydrotherapy and supplementation, both eczema and hives have almost completely cleared.

You might ask how exactly did this work for Mary? The total length of the process was about 10 months. Several tests were completed and much of this time was spent waiting for her results to come in. The first step was a food sensitivity test, and nutritional analysis which identified both the foods that could have triggered her skin condition and the vitamins and minerals in which she was lacking. From there, she was to avoid certain “problem” foods that her body had difficulty processing and start a supplementation regimen. She also started doing colonic hydrotherapy on a regular basis to help cleanse the bowel in an effort to allow it to complete its role in the detoxification process. Mary completed a few months of colonic hydrotherapy and noticed a decrease in severity and frequency of the eczema flare-ups. To complement the treatment, Mary opted to include IV therapy as part of her regimen. IV therapy helps to boost the immune system resulting in a decrease eczema outbreaks. At this point, Mary decided to complete the digestive analysis. Upon receiving these results and changing her supplementation slightly Mary is now able to control her eczema to minor flare-ups.

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