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Naturopathic and Integrative Cancer Care

Powerful Cancer Therapy in Simple Forms

By April 1, 2015August 11th, 2017No Comments

Some things in the universe are too serendipitous to believe. The discovery of penicillin leaps to mind, but there are some subtler mechanisms at work that are equally powerful. Sometimes serendipity alights amidst what is perhaps our most feared disease: cancer. And would you believe that the ingredients are around us every single day?

Oxygen makes life possible. It is also what causes iron to rust, silver to tarnish, plants to decay in desert heat. In certain configurations, called reactive oxygen species, oxygen can be immediately destructive. Hydrogen peroxide is a well-known example. The destructive reactions are oxidation.

Most human cells contain enzymes that can tolerate oxidation. This is what causes the fizzing when you pour hydrogen peroxide onto a wound. Cells with those defense enzymes are converting the hydrogen peroxide at an extraordinary rate, releasing oxygen as bubbles.

Anything without these special enzymes is susceptible to oxidation. That includes many bacteria, viruses, and even cancer. For that matter, cancer often has infectious causes, such as HPV.

What are the odds that there are simple substances that are lethal to many harmful organisms, yet our cells can handle? What are the odds that mutated, cancerous human cells would lose the ability to defend against something as ubiquitous as oxygen?

There is a potent way our naturopaths capitalize on this knowledge: ozone.

When ozone and blood mix, the ozone reacts immediately and forms various reactive oxygen species — such as our old friend hydrogen peroxide. There’s an immediate change to the environment around invading bacteria, viruses, and cancer cells. Without the ability to combat oxidation, they end up hindered or destroyed.

And remember that as human cells deal with the reactive oxygen species they create oxygen, so after the initial volley of damage, invaders find themselves in a less than hospitable environment.

If that is not amazing enough, let’s add ultraviolet into the mix. To get a full idea of how UV-B radiation boosts the immune system (and a lot more), read this article. The brief version is this: UV-B improves circulation, stimulates immune function, and increases oxygenation. It even has a lasting effect.

Now let us see what naturopathic medicine can achieve in cancer treatment when combining UV-B and ozone.

First, we extract a small amount of blood, which we mix with an anti-coagulant. We then put the whole mixture into a saline bag. Next comes the ozone, which triggers the first reaction. The blood turns bright due to high oxygenation. The mix is now rich in reactive oxygen species. The mixture travels from there, through a UV-B light, and back into the body.

The body takes it from there, ramping up immune response and becoming more aware of the threat cancer cells pose. The tide turns somewhat, making the body a bit more hostile to unwelcome organisms and painting a target on cancer cells.

Anyone undergoing this treatment is likely to feel increased energy for several days. Full, lasting effects may require repeated treatments.

Is this a cure for cancer — or anything else? No. It complements and enhances conventional therapies by hindering underlying infections and helping the immune system more accurately and effectively target cancer.

Ready to find out how a naturopathic doctor can make your cancer treatment as effective as possible? Let us know.

It is important to remember that this UV-B/Ozone therapy is a medical procedure. All patients undergo careful screening with one of our naturopathic doctors to ensure maximum safety and effectiveness.

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