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Organic Acid Testing: The relief of answers

By November 1, 2014July 27th, 2017No Comments

Here’s a cliche for you: it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Symptoms are only the beginning. They act as signals in the body to alert to an underlying health issue, only the cover that calls the viewer to dig deeper. By suppressing these symptoms, it becomes difficult to identify the source of most conditions, and usually leads to a more detrimental path of health. Symptoms are commonly suppressed by either ignoring them, or by the typical band-aid solutions we have all become too familiar with.

At the Nardella Clinic, our naturopath doctors we know not to suppress these symptoms and to search for the true root of why they arise. There is good reason to get comprehensive, quality information that can provide detailed answers to questions we didn’t even know to ask right away.

Often times, when symptoms don’t lead to a clear answer, testing can help to tell the full story. Organic Acid Testing (OAT) provides data about the levels of various bio-markers throughout your body. These markers give solid clues about different aspects of your body systems, from bacteria and fungus in your digestive tract, to neurotransmitters and nutrition, detoxification ability, even mitochondrial health. The information this test provides is vast, and the resulting answers are often the last key before that “ah-ha” moment.

Who benefits? Patients with chronic diseases, especially those with questions of where the symptoms are coming from. The frustration and time spent in limbo don’t have to continue. This is especially the case in patients with conditions, such as Autism, Lyme disease, ADHD, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and many mood and psychological disorders.

Children, especially autistic and non-verbal, may be unable to even communicate the basic, surface layer of what’s going on and what they’re experiencing. OAT provides an immediate answer about the underlying causes, avoiding the struggle of trying to pinpoint symptoms in the first place.

Organic acid testing provides insight into what treatments will be most beneficial for a patient. Do you need more precise testing to check for things like heavy metals? Maybe hefty detoxification before main treatment begins? How great would it be if your inability to heal came down to lack of sleep, which in turn is only because of neutrotransmitter levels? How are your vitamins and mineral levels? How does a tailored diet that will help your body manage inflammation and detoxify sound?

You can begin to see how solid, actionable answers are within reach between Organic Acid Testing and professionals who can interpret the results and slot them into your history, lifestyle, and other diagnostics.

The test is also easy to collect: just a single urine collection first thing in the morning. Kids can even wear special urine catchers overnight. If you’re frustrated at not having answers or having to swing from one diagnosis or treatment to the next, we’d love to help. Speak with one of our naturopath doctors and ask about Organic Acid Testing.

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