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Arm yourself against toxic environments

By January 1, 2014July 27th, 2017No Comments

The hives of honey bees suffer colony collapse disorder, fish are mutated, mammals of all types have reduced fertility, and humans are experiencing unprecedented levels of autoimmune and chronic disease. Debates about the causes will probably go on forever, but perhaps we can agree on at least one thing: our increasingly toxic environment is not helping.

It is easy to associate fish mutations and cancer with exposure to toxins, and equally simple to write off every day headaches, skin issues, and iron-gripped fatigue as “normal” or “just part of living”. What some people find to be a stretch, however, is saying that toxins and every day body quirks and pains can be linked.

Most modern medicine only concerns itself with toxins when someone has experienced an acute dose, focusing on managing symptoms rather than enabling and assisting the body in cleansing itself, and seems even less concerned about the long term effects of various chemicals found in our air, food, and water. Indeed, there is very little recognition in the first place that our modern day chemical soup even has the capability to harm us in any real way. Naturopathic medicine places a high importance on minimizing exposure to toxins and optimizing the bodies ability to detoxify.

We are constantly awash in substances we designed and created for our betterment, yet our bodies and planet are not designed to handle. For the most part the best we can do is reduce or avoid exposure by phasing out the most toxic cosmetics, cleaning products, foods, and other substances in our daily lives. At some point, however, everybody needs help purifying and regaining energy, clarity, and the best chance possible to ward off chronic conditions or serious disease.

The alternative to treating symptoms as they pop up is, as always, to deal with specifics. First by gathering information based on testing and individual history to get a clear picture of what toxins are involved, from heavy metals to flame retardants, and next figuring out what your body needs to clear the toxins. Granted sometimes the process involves direct aid, such as chelation therapy to remove metals, but by and large the methods used by the Nardella Clinic’s naturopathic doctors are about enabling and empowering the body and it’s detoxification pathways — skin, liver, kidneys, bowels — through diet, supplements, IVs, and education.

Avoidance of ubiquitous substances is a challenge, to say the least, and the effort can bring unwarranted stress. We can help you decide how to keep your life as toxin free as possible, plus we’ll be there when your body needs a little help. If you’re feeling that it’s time for a tune up cleanse, once a year is all it takes to help give you the boost you need to stay clear, balanced, and as healthy as possible for now and forever.

Contact us to set up a consultation with one of our naturopathic doctors to find out the best route available to keep your inner environment pure and your outer environment body friendly.

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