The Nardella Clinic's functional medicine centre features Calgary’s premiere naturopaths.

Our Mission is Creating Healthier Lives.

Naturopaths Dr.Jennifer Nardella and Dr.Meghan Haggarty offer patients leading preventive and restorative medical services. Each possess advanced medical training and practice experience in the areas of Naturopathic Medicine, Regenerative Medicine, Functional Medicine, Anti-Aging Medicine, Hyperbaric Medicine and Hormone Optimization. Whether your needs are related to reversing the symptoms of a complex chronic disease or staying on top of feeling your best, we have a responsive and resourceful medical team ready to meet your needs.

Clinic Specialties

Advanced General Practice

Our seasoned naturopathic doctors and support team offer the most up to date treatment action plans for a wide range of health issues. Their goal is always to improve your quality of life.

Diagnostic Services

We use conventional and specialized laboratory services, as well as our naturopathic doctors’ years of clinical experience, to enable tailored investigation, and to monitor and maintain progress.

Lyme and Chronic Disease

Our naturopathic doctors bring a global perspective and experience to the successful treatment of Lyme and chronic disease.

Pediatric Restorative Medicine

We have put all the best resources and tools of naturopathic and restorative medicine together to deliver the advanced treatment and consideration that kids deserve. Taking a systems approach, our naturopathic doctors create healthier lives for children suffering everything from allergies, to severe gastrointestinal infections, to autism.


Using advanced clinical therapies, our naturopathic oncology practice provides treatment for all areas of cancer care.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

We are naturopathic doctors that utilize advanced therapeutic technologies. A powerful healing technology, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used to destroy infections, heal tissue, and promote homeostasis in the body. Traumatic Brain Injury, post stroke, lyme disease, and wound healing are a few examples of its application.


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