Naturopathic Doctors utilize IV or IM Mistletoe in the clinic’s Cancer Care Program to benefit overall well being.


Helixor® is a preparation of Viscum album (Mistletoe), which is commonly used in Europe and more particularly in Germany, for cancer treatment. Traditionally, Viscum album is used medicinally to help treat hypertension, seizures, headaches, diarrhea and infertility. Dr. Rudolf Steiner was the first to recommend Mistletoe for cancer treatment in the early 1900s. The majority of cancer patients in Germany are given Viscum album at some point during conventional medical treatment of cancer. There are a few different types of Mistletoe that can be given for different types of cancer. These are extracted from fir, oak or pine trees.

Helixor® A

Helixor® A is and extract from Fir Mistletoe. It can be used in a Naturopathic Cancer care program for cancers of the head, neck, brain, prostate, and lung.
Helixor® A is good for naturopathic cancer care patients who are commencing treatment such as chemotherapy and radiation and those patients who have a highly sensitive immune system with frequent allergic tendencies.

Helixor® M

Helixor® M is derived from Apple Tree Mistletoe and is widely used in tumors of the lower abdomen such as the bladder, uterus, ovaries and other abdominal tumors including the colon, liver, pancreas and the stomach. This form of mistletoe is also used in women with breast cancer after menupause.

Helixor® P

Helixor® P is from Pine tree. This mistletoe is used for malignant melanoma, bone cancer, kidney cancer, testicular cancer and breast cancer before menopause.

Specifically, mistletoe stimulates the immune system by activating and increasing immune cell activity (e.g. granulocytes, lymphocytes, NK cells, cytokine liberation). In turn, this immune activation slightly increases the naturopathic patient’s body temperature for a period following mistletoe administration. This immune stimulation provides the benefits mentioned below.

Naturopathic clinical practice and recent data has shown us that mistletoe can have a number of benefits.

Naturopathic Uses of Mistletoe:

  • Increases energy whilst increasing appetite and strength
  • Helps to restore regular sleep pattern
  • Improves state of mind (e.g. depression, anxiety, etc.)
  • Helps to increase life-span
  • Helps to improve overall quality of life
  • Helps decrease cancer growth
  • Helps to inhibit metastases of primary cancer
  • Helps to modulate the immune system
  • Helps to reduce the impact of side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy

Mistletoe is a naturopathic therapy used in conjunction with conventional medical treatments in Europe.

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