Free EECP Orientation Treatments

Take the time to come and visit with us and experience a complementary EECP treatment.  During the visit, we orient the patient on how EECP functions and how it may benefit them.  To prepare for an orientation treatment patients need to complete the following checklist and schedule an appointment.  Here’s how to do this:

  • Complete the checklist and clinic intake form.
  • Send it to our office by email, fax, mail or drop it off;
  • Our EECP coordinator reviews it for any warning signs that EECP Therapy isn’t right for you;
  • Our office contacts you to schedule the appointment for a complementary EECP treatment;
  • You decide if EECP Therapy is right for you;
  • Our administrative team works with you to set up a suitable schedule.

Schedule A Consult

Please fill out the form below to begin the consultation scheduling process. We will be in touch with you right away to finalize your information.

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