EECP Therapy + Intravenous Ozone

To be eligible for this program patients need to be evaluated by a clinic Naturopathic Doctor.  The cost of this visit is credited against the program fee.

Intravenous Ozone therapy is a direct complement to EECP therapy and results in a shorter treatment duration.  The number of EECP treatments is reduced from 35 to 30.   Intravenous ozone helps patients concerned with cardiovascular and overall health by accomplishing the following:

  • Increasing oxygen delivery
  • Supporting mitochondrial function and ATP production
  • Improves red blood cells ability to utilize oxygen by increasing an enzyme called 2,3 DPG
  • Increasing cellular antioxidant levels
  • Decreasing inflammation

Each week the patient receives two intravenous ozone treatments scheduled alongside their EECP treatments.  Our EECP Coordinator will recommend this program if it best fits with your goals and medical condition.

What’s Included

  • 30 EECP Therapy Treatments
  • 12 Intravenous Ozone Treatments
  • A comprehensive health review appointment with either Dr. Jennifer Nardella or Dr. Meghan Haggarty

Cost and Terms

The program cost is $4,065. One third is due upon booking the program appointments. The remainder is due at the first appointment. Full refunds for cancelled programs. Any appointments not cancelled with 48 hours notice are forfeited and not refundable.

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