The Calgary Nardella Clinic’s Naturopathic Doctors use artesunate to treat acute and chronic infections and in the clinic’s Naturopathic Cancer Care practice.

What is Artesunate?

Artesunate is extracted from the plant, Artemisia or wormwood and is commonly known for its treatment of malaria. It is made from dihydroartemesinin and succinic acid anhydride. Artesunate blocks Exported Protein 1 (EXP1) in Plasmodium falciparum.  Intravenous artesunate has been shown to be more effective than quinine at treating malaria.  Hence, its use by Naturopathic Doctors in certain infection cases.

Naturopathic Use

At our naturopathic clinic in Calgary, we offer Artesunate intravenously for a variety of conditions and it works in a similar manner as it does in malarial and schisotomal infection. Babesiosis is a common co-infection associated with Lyme disease. Studies have demonstrated eradication of Babesia-infected mice with treatment of Artesunate. Various species including Babesia microti and Babesia bovis were involved in these studies. Artesunate inhibits enzymes involved in a parasite’s mitochondrial electron transport system and prevents multiplication. Artesunate not only improves clinical symptoms, but also has shown to reduce numerical values on subsequent testing.

Naturopathic Cancer Care

Extensive research has been done to portray the use of Artesunate in cancer. As we know, cancer cells mutate their DNA quickly and grow exponentially. Unfortunately, cancer cells also have the ability to build resistance to their environment and rapidly multiply.

Artesunate has an incredible way of attacking cancer cells and inducing mitochondrial apoptosis. Cancers that may be responsive to Artesunate treatment include: Prostate, Ovarian, Liver, Lung, Melanoma, Metastatic Breast and Colon.

Cancer cells use iron to their advantage in order to help cells mutate their DNA at a quicker rate and therefore, increase the intensity of cancer burden on the human body. More specifically, oxygen within the cancer cells reacts with the iron and causes mutation of DNA by forming reactive oxygen species – what we would think is harmful for cancer cells. But over time, cancer cells are able to gain resistance and thrive in this environment.

When Artesunate is introduced into the environment intravenously, it negates the effect of iron on the cancer cells. Instead of permitting the iron to help cancer cells replicate, the Artesunate uses the iron to kill the energy powerhouses (mitochondria), which fuel the growth of cancer cells. This leads to programmed cell death or apoptosis; scientifically known as “Iron-catalyzed Lysosomal Reactive Oxygen Species Production”.

Artesunate Therapy at the Nardella Clinic

Artesunate therapy at our Naturopathic Clinic in Calgary can target multiple forms of cancer. Artesunate can improve quality of life and it works well adjunctively with conventional medical treatment of cancer.

Clinic Naturopathic Cancer Care patients received artesunate intravenously, usually prior to high-dose intravenous Vitamin C (a pro-oxidative treatment); both have a synergistic effect on one another.

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