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Treating the Root Causes of Hair Loss

By July 22, 2016July 27th, 2017No Comments

Hair loss in today’s society is a widely published and explored area. Most treatments focus on male pattern baldness, and many products are not suitable for women due to their hormone altering properties. There are 4 main approaches to stopping hair loss – 1. Inhibit dihydrotestosterone 2. Decrease androgen 3. Stimulate growth 4. Decrease inflammation. The first two options involve powerful hormone intervention, while growth stimulation can be achieved with laser, transplant, injections or topical application. Decreasing inflammation is sometimes achieved by using cortisol injections, which essentially turn off the body’s immune response that could be causing the hair loss.

At the Nardella clinic, a new treatment involving injections to the scalp has been utilized to stimulate hair growth at the site of hair loss, which does not disrupt the body’s natural hormone and immune function. Such treatment was used on Anthony Burg to treat hair loss on the vertex (back) of his head.

Anthony had been using Proscar, a drug designed to stimulate hair growth and prevent further loss, for 2 years. There had been no noticeable improvement in his hair loss with the drug, but he did notice that when he was not on the drug, the size of the area with loss increased. Proscar acts to decrease the dihydrotestosterone in the body thereby affecting hormone balance which is not always the most desirable option.

The hair loss injections at the Nardella Clinic involve providing nutrients directly to the affected area, giving the necessary building blocks for healthy hair growth and decreasing inflammation as well without the negative side effects of cortisol. One session every 2 weeks for a total of 10 sessions is the appropriate protocol, however, Anthony has already experienced significant regrowth before finishing his protocol. The new hair is finer and lighter, much like baby hair, and should continue to bulk up as it grows and is cut. Please refer to the before and after photos included.

Anthony is also in treatment with Dr. Nardella for food allergies, avoiding the foods to which he is most sensitive. This naturally decrease the inflammation in his body and therefore his scalp as well. Depending on the individual, Dr. Nardella may recommend dietary changes and supplementation to address additional issues in the body which may be affecting the hair loss.

Women can expect to see similar results as the before and after photos attest to. Since the injection solution does not affect hormone balance in the body, it is safe for both men and women.

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